• About

    Ebony Booker

    Hi, I am Ebony Booker, a Social Work graduate from Fordham University and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Georgia. More specifically I am someone who helps to restore balance when life’s most important priorities can get you off track.

    Being able to put the pieces together when things fall apart has been my niche in working with others over the past two decades. I understand what it is like to have the daily demands of work, family, relationships, school, extracurricular activities all vying for the same amount of attention in one day. It can seem like they are stacking up like a Jenga puzzle. During this time, when demands are high and your energy is low it may feel like things are off-balance.

    From my many years in the field working with individuals, I know that you can get back to a sense of oneness and focus. If you are ready to do the work, you will be surprised and encouraged at how much you are capable of. By implementing the necessary tools to manage the day to day stressors. The growth you see will be something you did not know existed.

    I know that each one of us can make the change in our lives. If you are ready to understand what is holding you back and to carve a path out to begin your journey, then give me a call at 404-707-5743 or drop me an email at essentialwellnessandconsulting@gmail.com. My office is in College Park, GA.